Leighton Denny Precision Corrector Kit makes French manicures easy peasy

Leighton Denny

Having pretty much lived in super-bright nail varnishes all summer slightly-less-cold season and gothic darks for the last few weeks, I took a mad notion to revisit the classic French manicure over the weekend. The DIY French manicure has a bit of a bad rep, which isn't entirely undeserved - those white tips can be bloody hard to get right, especially when you're using your "other" hand.


And that's where Leighton Denny's Precision Corrector Kit (€15) comes in. Even the most cack-handed among us can achieve perfect white French manicure tips with this little doozie of a set, which is such a freakin' great idea I'm surprised no-one's come up with it before. Consisting of a little bottle of solvent (and no, it's not just nail varnish remover) and a mini brush, the idea is that you can just whack the white on the tips of your nails and then use the kit to tidy and shape. It's maybe a little bit of a fiddly process for some people, but I find that it works really, really well - and gives infinitely better results than those stupid stick-on tip guides!

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