Lime Crime is about to release a unicorn hair dye collection and it looks so cute

The beauty brand is known for all things bright and colourful and we predict their new line will influence this year’s festival-goers.

Lime Crime will be releasing 11 new non-permanent shades and each one is unique in its own right. With colours like “dirty mermaid” and “salad” this is definitely for the girls that like to stand out. The brand have already jumped on the unicorn trend with their eye-catching lipsticks and this new collection sounds perfect for festivals as it only lasts a few washes.

Photo via Lime Crime

Photo via Lime Crime

Obviously the lighter your hair is the better if you’re looking for the intense vibrancy from the photos. The colours are sold separately but using multiple shades is an option for those wanting to mix it up even more – just look at the “strawberry milkshake” one for some inspiration.

If they work as well as the photos, it’s €14.80 per bottle price tag seems pretty reasonable for such a standout look - although that’s not including shipping costs. We know these colours won’t be for everyone, but we think they look adorable!

Story via Cosmopolitan

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