Long, pointy nails: So hot right now, but wouldja?

nails at the blonds, new york fashion week

As a small child in the 1980s, I was a bit obsessed with witches. Not just at Halloween, now: oh no. All year long. I blame the Meg and Mog books for kicking it off and The Worst Witch and The Witches for sustaining it.

And don't get me started on The Wizard Of Oz. I always felt that the Wicked Witches got a raw deal there so, predictably, loved the musical Wicked when I saw it in The Big Apple a few years ago.

In keeping with my childhood predilection for all things witch-y, I had a set of latex witch fingers for playing dress up. They glowed in the dark and had terrifyingly long pointed red talons... and I was reminded of them recently when I saw photos of Fergie, Rihanna, and models on The Blonds' autumn/winter catwalk at New York Fashion Week sporting almost freakishly long nails with tips filed to a sharp, almond-shaped point.

I don't know how the hell you'd manage contact lenses with nails like this and personally think they looks decidedly auld fashioned, in an '80s throwback way rather than a cool, retro chic way. Nonetheless, I'm pretty impressed with my five-year-old self for being so ahead of her time.


What do you think, though? Is witch-y the new black where nails are concerned? Would you wear your nails like this?

Pix courtesy of CNDfashionweek.com

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