L'Oréal Nude Magique Blur Cream: We Don't Really Know What it Is, But We Like It

This new product from L'Oréal is a bit like that college friend we all have who can't settle on a career. They start out studying computer science, but they have a brief stint as a clown, a waiter and a hair stylist, before settling on being a chef. Or something. Nude Magique Blur Cream from L'Oréal isn't a base, a primer or a tinted moisturiser, but it has elements of all three.

As per society's need to box our career hopping friend in and give him a title of some kind, we've got to decide what on earth this product actually is! L'Oréal's blurb isn't hugely helpful -

... a lightweight balm that fuses with the skin, instantly blurring away pores and fine lines for beautiful nude looking skin.

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Okay... so it's a balm. But not a moisturising balm, or a cleansing balm. And it doesn't have the texture of a balm, or any of the traditional elements of a balm.

Right then folks, we've decided it's a primer. A weirdly secretive primer.

Available in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark, this "primer" is a noticeable dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. You can feel the silicone the moment you squeeze this smooth, moussey 'cream' onto the back of your hand.

Left: Light to Medium. Right: Medium to Dark Left: Light to Medium. Right: Medium to Dark

Frankly, the fact that it comes with a tint is just confusing. Regardless of which of the two shades you choose, the tint is completely invisible! You'll see this from the photo of the product blended out below.

L'Oréal say that this can be used under makeup (like a primer, which it, ahem, isn't. Apparently) or alone for a blurring effect.

Okay, so yes, you absolutely can wear this alone. If you don't wear foundation of any kind. If you're an au natural lady (or gent) when it comes to makeup, but are concerned about getting shiny throughout the day - a common summer problem - then this will fill in open pores nicley and absorb any shine as it comes out during the day. But if you want coverage, seek elsewhere! There's none - literally none- to be had from this strange tinted (untinted) primer (not primer).

Gosh, I'm confused.

Left: Light to Medium Blended Above swatch. Right: Medium to Dark Blended Above Swatch. Both are Invisible! Left: Light to Medium Blended Above swatch. Right: Medium to Dark Blended Above Swatch. Both are Invisible!

However, one thing is certain. Whether you want to call this a primer or not, it functions very well as a primer. If your skin gets along with silicone, it will like this. It smooths pores and fine lines, inhibits oil and provides a nice grip for your base, increasing its longevity.

Win win!


L'Oréal Paris Nude Magique Blur Cream is available from pharmacies across this fine land at €12.99. At the very minimum, it's a great dupe for Benefit's The Porefessional, which is significantly pricier.

Have you tried this product, or will you be trying it? And how do you feel about these new-fangled confusing multi-purpose products? Let us know in the comments.

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