L'Oreal Paris Glam Matte Lip Gloss: Colour So Intense it'll Give You a Fright When You Look in the Mirror

First of all, apologies for the pouty selfie (below). I'm not an expert selfie taker, by any means. I look too enthusiastic about the product if I smile, and really, really depressed if I don't. So, kissy pout it was to be. Lookit, I'm sorry.

Today we're lacquering up our lips (gotta love that alliteration) with L'Oréal' Paris Glam Matte lip gloss. They weren't taking the mick when they opted for the word 'glam' - these incredibly bold shades should be worn only for more glamorous affairs, or if you're after an intense flash of colour at one of this summer's festivals.

But if you're more a fan of natural looking day make-up, then this will be too strong for you.

L to r: Fuchsia Flare, Coral Denimista, Cherry Crop, Zip it Red L to r: Fuchsia Flare, Coral Denimista, Cherry Crop, Zip it Red

Let's take a look at the positives first, shall we?

  • I'm not usually a fan of lip-gloss because I can't stand that sticky feeling - and these aren't sticky.
  • After a few years solid of glossy shiny lip stuff in which your friends could almost see their own reflection, I've been a devout fan of anything matte. Though technically a lip 'gloss', these don't have that cheap, glossy look you'd get with a lot of similar products, they're definitely more matte than gloss.
  • If it's long lasting colour you're after, you'll be hard pushed to remove all traces of Glam Matte from your smackers. The colour stains the lips in much the same way a lipstick would hold.
  • Unlike a lot of cheap lipsticks, this product won't dry out your lips.

Fuchsia Flare Fuchsia Flare

And now for the not-so-great attributes.

  • Today I've only tried Cherry Crop and Fuschia Flare. And though listed above as a positive, the fact that the colour comes out as bright as it appears in the tube is almost a bad thing. I popped my head from behind my computer to gauge my colleagues' reactions and after more than one 'Jesus!', I figured it was a little OTT for me. That certainly goes for the neon pink Fuschia Flare, but I imagine it would be a bit of fun at a gig or festival where all rules go out the window. The Cherry Crop is certainly the more wearable of the two I've tried.
  • Lastly, and this is a regular gripe with me, I just can't tolerate the smell of certain lip products. Unfortunately, this one's no different. I'll always opt for something that doesn't leave you with a bang of pot pourri.

Cherry Cherry Crop

So, to sum up, if it's bright, fun, playful colour you're after for a more dramatic event than a day at the office, then L'Oréal's Glam Matte may be for you. For me, alas, my loyalty to lipstick (Mac's collection in particular), has yet to be threatened.


These colour explosions will set you back €11.99, available at grocery stories and pharmacies nationwide.

Do you love bright lip colours or would you just give yourself a fright every time you caught sight of your yourself in the mirror? What are you Summer favourites?

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