L'Oréal's Blood Orange Polish: Nailing This Summer's Citrus Shades

If you are looking for a punchy, citrus nail polish for Summer evenings spent in rooftop bars sipping cocktails (or, you know, just popping down to Spar to buy some milk), allow me to introduce to one of the contenders for your affections.

Lara Stone wearing Parisian Sari_picture_original

L'Oréal have obviously been watching Netflix and have been inspired by the shenanigans on 'Orange is the New Black'. Their new shade is is the Color Riche range is Sari Parisien (874), a bright, bold blood orange (with a slight coral undertone in natural light).

Now, it's one of those shades that isn't really designed for the Irish skin tone on a drizzly Tuesday afternoon in November - 'twould be like wearing flip flops when you're doing your Christmas shopping. But on a sunny evening in June when you have a little bit of a colour on your digits, this is a delicious pop of colour.

loreal nail


This baby is high-gloss so you get a gorgeous shine from the nail. Wear it with white if you really want to highlight your bronzed paws, or if orange puts the fear of God into you, maybe ease yourself in to the citrus-is-the-new-black shades by wearing on your tootsies (lookit, it's pedicure time and we may as well embrace it).

Sari Parisien will set you back €7.55 and is on shelves now.

Are you opting for bright and bold nail colours for Summer? What are you wearing right now? And are citrus shades a friend of yours?

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