Lovely Shimmery Legs for Summer


Y'know you see those wans on de telly and they have lovely shiny legs? Healthy shiny now, not greasy-shiny? I often wondered how they get that effect, and it seems that leg gloss is the answer. So here are two new ones that I thought you guys might like to try.

On the left is Pretty Polly's Love Legs Bronzed Leg Gloss, €12. It smells summery and glides on easily for a shot of shine that's hard to beat for the price. There's a decent amount of bronzer in there too, so it's perfect for pasty pins. In the middle we have a high-end option: Michael Kors Leg Shine, €36. [Update: buy at Strawberrynet for €25!] There are 3 shades to choose from, so it's a bit more customisable depending on your skintype. Containing the same fragrance as the Michael Kors scent, this is a posh purchase and no mistake. You'll find this at Brown Thomas; pick up Love Legs at Boots and department stores.


Lastly, too broke to contemplate either? Make your own! A dose of baby oil and some bronzer will give you the effect for a fraction of the price. Just mix up the oil with some powdered bronzer, apply, and bob's yer uncle.

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