Luxe lips with Rouge d'Armani from Giorgio Armani

rouge d'armani

I'm a big fan of Armani makeup in general and their lip products in particular (I've mentioned them a time or two on the blog), so I was pretty powerless before the shiny display of new Rouge d'Armani lipsticks at the counter recently. Packaged in sleek black cases with a magnetic closure, these close automatically with a satisfying click, feel suitably luxurious in the hand and are guaranteed to inspire extreme lipstick envy when whipped out in public.

But what about inside the cases? Well there you'll find a comprehensive range of very wearable shades, from beiges and pinks to reds and plums. Designed to last for up to 8 hours, the colour I picked doesn't make it that long on me (maybe if you don't eat or drink you'd do better), but it does last very well and it fades evenly, without leaving patches of colour or a ring around my lipline. Most impressive of all, it doesn't feel at all drying on my lips. This is quite unusual for long-last formulas, but somehow Rouge d'Armani manages to be both long-lasting and hydrating - a winning combination.


If you're looking for the ultimate red lipstick, you'll find it here, as well as neutral beiges perfect for the nude look, pretty pinks for everyday wear and some gorgeous plums and berry shades, perfect for the party season. Priced at €26, Rouge d'Armani is available now from Armani counters.

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