Makeup bits to start your teenager on

It is inevitable, as soon as you hit the teenage years for most the obsession with make up begins.

It can be challenging to know where to start.

Our best advise would be to start small. There are lots of affordable and light bits you can get them started on. Essence and catrice are a great place to start. Nice and cheap to get the started.


You prob don't want them starting out using foundation. Not only is it not necessary but it will potentially block pores on their beautiful clear and soft skin. Try something like this Catrice primer, its hydrating and adds just a little glow. They will feel like they have used something but this is one of the best options.


A little bit of nude lipstick can also have them feeling like they're wear more than they are. These lipsticks are affordable and come in mild colours for all their experimenting needs.


Shimmer Palette 

Another minimal addition is a shimmer palette. Not adding much colour or heavy makeup to their skin but still enough to let them play around.

Liquid Lipstick

A different type of lip colour. More like a gloss and less of a lipstick but still makeup if you catch our drift.


Last but not least is mascara. A little bit of mascara can be all your teenager really wants. These essence mascaras are affordable and they come in an array of textures and types.



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