Foundation Stayed Put With Decoderm Primer Despite Runny Nose, Repeated Tissue Assaults

I have a confession to make:  I actually didn't get primers until I used Decoderm Silk Filling Primer.   Surely there are better ways to spend your makeup money - on lipsticks, eyeshadows and the like, I thought.  Primer just seemed so... boring.

But I've been converted by this wondrous goo: let me tell you - this stuff is SMOOTH. The transparent formula is so lightweight, so silky to the touch and so easy to apply. It melts into your skin and within seconds imperfections and blemishes are blurred over. The Silk Filling Primer contains "elastomer polymers" that basically rush to fill any sort of wrinkle, spot or huge pore you may have on your face. It still blows my mind that any product can do that, really.

decoderm primer


I love how it blurs my breakouts slightly, toning down redness and smoothing over bumps to let my foundation glide over and actually cover spots, rather than just sit on top of them. The packaging isn't the prettiest, but at the end of the day it's about what's inside, right?


But I put the primer to the biggest test rather unwittingly when I randomly came down with a cold about halfway through my work day - I'm going to blame the air conditioning. Faced with a runny nose that just wouldn't quit (lovely visuals, I know) I was forced to abandon all attempts at looking pretty and reach for the tissues again and again.

The next time I looked at myself in the mirror, I was expecting to see a big red nose standing out against my otherwise made-up face, but no. My foundation had stayed put, despite several assaults made on it by some Kleenex.

Decoderm is an Italian brand that doesn't have the widest distribution here, but is available over on the Alfaparf Milano website (€25.80).

Read our primer category for loads more news and reviews - but in the meantime tell us do you use primer?

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