Marco Pierre White Jr's fiance reacts to his BB shenanigans

Big Brother is not even on the air a week and already two of its housemates are causing a stir for their exploits in the bedroom... and everywhere else in the house.

Marco Pierre White Junior and Laura Carter have launched into quite the steamy affair, and certainly don't have any problem with the PDA. As fans of the show will know though, 21-year-old Marco is engaged to fashion designer Kim Melville-Smith, although he has claimed they are in an 'open relationship'.

Kim however took to Twitter to suggest otherwise...

Last night's episode saw things heat up even further when Marco jumped into bed with Laura and, well, they did a lot more than spooning.

It seems Kim did not see the episode however and tweeted;


There had been speculation that Kim herself could end up in the house, but she has insisted that won't be happening...

Either way, can't imagine Marco will have much of an engagement left to return to by the time he is done in that house.


Catch Big Brother tonight on TV3 at 9pm,

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