Have we just found the holy grail of mascaras?

We're always on the hunt for our holy grail of mascara here at Beaut HQ, but the question is: does this one belong in your makeup bag? 

We all want long, full, lovely lashes right? And while some people are naturally blessed with them, some of us aren't quite so lucky. For any gal with little, stubby eyelashes mascara is an absolute must-have product. But what if your mascara could help to grow your lashes, making them naturally longer? Well, we've been testing out a product that promises just that.

Clarins Be Long Mascara €26

Clarins Be Long mascara (€26) contains a special "growth-activating formula" called Be Long Complex, which they say increases lashes in length by an average of 1.1mm over four weeks. Now, I've only been testing it out for about 10 days so can't definitively back that number up, but what I can do is show you the mascara in action.

No Mascara

One of the clever things about this mascara is the wand - it's smaller than average which means it's really easy to get into the root of lashes, and not "bounce" off the top of your eyelid.

A small wand makes application easier

You can see here when it's being applied that it's noticeably smaller than most and certainly smaller than any of the other Clarins mascara wands.  The size of it makes it easy to catch even really small lashes, combing them through for a neat, separated finish.

2 coats of Be Long mascara

Above, you can see the final results (using 2 coats).  In terms of performance, the formula feels comfortable to wear and doesn't flake though out the day which is always a plus, especially for those who wear contact lenses.

So in answer my original question; does this belong in your make-up bag? I'll say this; Be Long gives a natural, lengthening result without clumping which is good for day-to-day wear and will pick up even the teeniest of lashes. So if that's what you are looking for then yes, this should go into your make-up bag. But, if you're someone who loves a lot of mascara (like me!) then I'd plump for Clarins' Supra Volume Mascara which is quite simply, amazing.

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