What Mascara Are You Wearing RIGHT NOW?

We're not ashamed to admit - here at beaut.ie we are obsessed with mascara.

We road test them, we fan girl over the products that get our hearts and eyelashes all a-flutter, we get all Pinky and the Brain about it and try to take over the world with our magic wands.

In short, we have an insatiable appetite for this beauty product and are thinking of writing our own Monty Python-inspired sketch about our search for the curling-and-lengthening-effect Holy Grail.

Woman eye


So, tell us, what are you sporting on your lashes RIGHT NOW? Has the sun gone to your head and you've opted for a coloured option? Maybe you've gone bonkers for brilliant budget buys, or do you prefer to splash on the lash (see what I did there)?

Whatever is framing your peepers today, we want to know about it. And if you are looking for some inspiration, you could take a look at our favourites from 2013 here.

To the comments!

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