Maybelline Master Duo Eyeliner: If Your Dad Did Your Makeup On A Spacehopper It Would Look Like This


"A dual sided applicator that draws lines of two different widths depending on how the applicator is pressed against the lid.  Using the applicator on the wide side creates a thick line, while the skinny side produces a thin line" say Maybelline.

Now how the heck is this going to work? I wondered when I unscrewed the little eyeliner bottle.

It can't possibly... it must be really fiddly... I just don't think...

And then I was doing it!  It was super easy! Super easy - ON MY HAND.

On my eyes it was a whole different story.

The brand shot below is completely exaggerated of course - my shaky shot below is what you're going to see in real life.   It looks nothing more than a liner pen with a bobble on the top.  But turn it round ninety degrees and you get a totally different effect - see?



But while it was super easy on my hand it was seriously UNeasy on my eyelid.  I wear liquid liner every day but  I couldn't get the hang of Master Duo (€7.99) at all.  All I could draw was a horrible wobbly line as the applicator isn't firm enough to press down properly.  I could  manage the thick line fine, because if I made a wobble I just went over it.



  • But I had to keep building up to cover wobbles.  And up.  And it still looked wobbly and as though my Dad had done my makeup. In the dark.  On a spacehopper.
  • And if that was bad,  trying to work the thin line was even worse.  The product just doesn't seem to come out properly on the thin nib and runs out in the middle of the line. You can't actually do a thin line with this liner.
  • In fact many of the problems I experienced with this we experienced with Rimmel Thick and Thin Eyeliner - another product so bad that you wonder how in the hell it ever reached the shelves.

Master Duo was released in the States a few months ago so they've had plenty of time to be trialling and a lot of complaints seem to be about the formulation being watery.  I actually found the opposite - it's a nice dense black.  But then I only tried the black so I've no idea how the other shades perform.  Another gripe was the sting-y feeling some people got - I found that too.  If you've got sensitive eyes you will hate it.


Unfortunately, like Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner it's a nice idea but it just doesn't work.  It's too fiddly, the nib is too gimmicky and doesn't work properly and it irritates your eyes.  Give this one a miss.

Have you tried it?  What did you make of it?

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