Maybelline SuperStay Lipstick in class action lawsuit: would it happen in Ireland?

The trend for long lasting makeup has seen some petty beefed up claims, it's true.  24 hour foundation is the one that has always struck me as gick: who actually wants their foundation to  last for 24 hours?  It might come in handy if you're a dirty stop out, but hopefully you'll get to take it off before the 24 hours are up.

And where foundation led the rest followed.  Nail varnish that won't chip for weeks, lipstick that stays on for 18 hours straight (and the feeling of that colour welded to your lips for so long is not pleasant), and mascara that won't shift until the early hours of the morning, have all become commonplace.

Or have they?  Because usually these cosmetics don't do what they say they will.

Paris Ackerman & Schmierer (a law firm in the States) emailed us during the week to say that they're taking  a class action suit on behalf of  disgruntled Maybelline SuperStay customers.  They say that Maybelline  is engaging in deceptive and misleading advertising and promotion of its Super Stay 10 HR Stain Gloss and 14 HR lipstick.

In particular the firm is investigating claims that the Super Stay 10 HR Stain Gloss and 14 HR lipstick do not have the advertised staying power, and in fact, fade away after just a few hours after application.


If you have purchased the Super Stay 10 HR Stain Gloss and/or Super Stay 14 HR Lipstick and have had issues similar to those being investigated please contact our firm.

Mad as hell and not going to take it any more
Three women sued Maybelline in September for false advertising and others joined them.

According to the NY Post  Wanda Santa from Queens bought a tube of Super Stay lipstick from a local Rite Aid “The product is not exactly what they claim it to be,” she said. “You eat breakfast, and there goes your lipstick.”

Well we couldn't have put it better ourselves.  But knowing us in Ireland we'd be more likely to say "oh sure it's grand honestly, I don't mind if it doesn't do what it said, it was MY fault really I probably wasn't putting it on right and OH! a bus just ran over my foot, silly me I shouldn't have been standing here."

And so on.


But maybe we should get up and shout like Wanda Santa and the others - what do you reckon?  And have you found that longwear cosmetics just don't live up to their claims?

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