Mmmmm, Monart...

Meself and Himself are just back from our three day stint in Monart, and holy God it was only fabilis. I have been wanting to pay a visit to this luxury destination spa just outside Enniscorthy ever since its opening in 2005; when Himself told me that he was taking me there for our annimaversary I was so excited and thrilled that I actually cried.

I'm not proud of it, like; that's just how excited I was about our impending trip, that's the extent to which I'd built up the place in my head.

Ah, but did it live up to my very great expectations?

Happily for all involved, Monart didn't disappoint. The gardens and grounds are beautiful; the staff are attentive, friendly and can't do enough for you; the decor is grand without being pretentious. The emphasis throughout is on total comfort and relaxation: guests are encouraged to wear their bathrobes to breakfast, lunch and even dinner as well as to the spa [we needed no second bidding!] and there are enormous soft, fluffy blankets in the relaxation rooms which are just begging you to snuggle up in them for a read or a little snooze.


We sampled a few of the treatments on offer - well, it would have been rude not to. Both of us had a go of the mud chamber, which is a private, therapist-less treatment. You liberally slather organic Canadian moor mud all over each other and then retreat to the heated chamber to chillax while the mud does its exfoliating, skin-nourishing thang. Great craic! Once we got cleaned up, Himself headed for the Light relaxation room with its daybeds and blankies while I toddled off for a spot of reflexology. It was one of those things I'd never done before but always wanted to try and it was great - nearly like palm reading for your footsies! My therapist was able to tell me with incredible accuracy about things as diverse as my relationship with family and my digestive health [!] which impressed me no end, and once I'd had a little snooze after my treatment, I really did feel rejuvinated.

The two of us had awesome facials courtesy of Louise, which incorporated analysis of sun damage and overall skin condition under UV light as well as a fabulous head, neck and shoulder massage. Himself had the SkinFit facial for men and while the official line that facials are a girly waste of time is still being trotted out for the lads, he has privately admitted that it might just have been "the nicest thing ever". His skin definitely looks the better of it. I went for the Luminous C & Sea Lift Off Mask which has really evened out my skin tone and vastly improved my areas of congestion.

Now, I have frequented and even worked in quite a few spas in my time. None of them even comes within spitting distance of being on a par with Monart. Himself has even suggested [in a very offhand "it's up to you" way, of course] that we should go down every now again for a bit of R&R.

Hmmmm. I suppose I might be up for that. Twist my rubber arm!

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