More Pukka than Jamie Oliver: we're loving this natural, Ayurveda skincare range

Pukka Ayurveda (€16) is a naturally active organic skincare collection inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian philosophy that empowers us to look after our health in harmony with nature. The beauty world is buzzing with natural and organic beauty products and it would seem that Pukka Ayurveda have just hopped to the top of that list for me.


Bursting with 100% ethically sourced organic fruits, roots, leaves and seeds which gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse, I was a little taken aback when I opened the pot of freshly ground exfoliator first. With an earthy scent, the finely chopped ingredients look as though they'd be more at home on a spice rack or used in a delicious rub for a Sunday roast.

Not to be put off though, I had a read of the instructions, 'Nourishing Brightener is activated by blending with moisture', and got to mixing. One teaspoon of the roughly chopped powder mixed with several drops of water left me with a less than pretty paste but I rubbed it onto my kisser and massaged it in gently anyway.

Having scrubbed softly for a couple of minutes, I rinsed my face with warm water, patted it dry and inspected the results. Bright and squeaky clean with not a hint of dryness. Gorgeous.

My skin is normal, thankfully, but can be dull at times so I was delighted to find that this organic brightener has a very interesting multi-functional aspect, not only does it exfoliate naturally and effectively but it can be mixed with *several* forms of moisture to tailor make a treatment for your own skin type.




- Water – for an effective brightening exfoliator, this is the best option for oily skin.
- Cleanser– for a deeply cleansing formulation, if your skin is tired, dull or dehydrated try this version out.
- Toner– mixing the exfoliator with toner helps to bring clarity to troublesome skin, a great option for combo skinned ladies.
- Face Oil– the addition of oil is the perfect pampering treatment for dry and damaged skin.

It would appear that every skin type is catered for with this natural exfoliator, my skin is certainly brighter having used it but I think I'll be mixing it with toner for my next scrubbing session.

Tempted to try out this Pukka offering?


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