Must Have Tools # 153: The Tanning Mitt


Forget latex gloves. Forget sponge applicators. If you haven't already discovered the marvelous wee bit of wonderment that is a tanning mitt, then I beseech you to do yourself a favour, make life easy on yourself, and add one to your arsenal quick.

Widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets for the not-too-steep sum of about a fiver, these things make false tan application an absolute cinch. Expect the other half to wonder why you're putting on your tan with an oven glove, though - that's what this particular bit of kit most closely resembles! One side is slim, plastic-backed foam, which makes for superbly even application without greedily absorbing loads of your tanning unction. The leak-proof backing, meanwhile, will keep your hands from getting tangoed.


It'll work with any type of tan, too: liquids, creams, gels, foams, sprays... sorry, I'm starting to sound like a JML infommercial. But really, if you're serious about your fake tan, get thee to a store and buy thee one!

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