Top Six YouTube Beauty vids: get inspired!

Spending most of my waking moments plugged in to the internet means that it's my first port of call for just about everything. That includes beauty inspiration, and for that YouTube can be an invaluable resource.

Sure, it's overrun with shaky handheld phone camera footage and people who say "ummmm..." a lot (two of the reasons I'd never make it on YouTube!) and life is much too short to waste any of it reading the often breathtakingly vicious comments from anonymous haters that the site seems to attract. If you can circumnavigate those shortcomings and avoid getting totally sidetracked by cute cat videos, though, there's a wealth of really excellent tips, tricks, and tutorials to be inspired by and learn from, whatever your level of expertise.

Obviously there are fantastic personal beauty vloggers on YouTube showcasing their amazing skillz by creating gorgeously intricate and creative looks, but because I like looking at wearable make-up tutorials I tend to mostly dip in and out of the professional's channels (and steer clear of anyone describing themselves as a guru) for the consistent quality of their content and delivery and the fact that you can really see the techniques they employ.

Here are just few of the ones I've bookmarked...


I make a mental note to recreate Scarlett Johannson's make-up from the ad for Dolce & Gabbana The One every time I see it, then promptly forget all about it until the next time it pops up on screen. But the very morning after I came across this Pixiwoo video, I was rocking a serious extended flick at the outer corners of my eyes and natural, rosy lips. As soon as I start finding fistfuls of hundred Euro notes rather than loose coppers in the arse pockets of my jeans, I might kit myself out with the current version of the black lace dress from the ad, too (€1,150 from Net-A-Porter.) (And no, it does not look like a grand's worth of dress to me, either.)


As a green eyed girl, neutral, gold and bronze shadows are so slap bang in the middle of my comfort zone that I subconsciously reach for them every morning. Apparently daytime familiarity has bred contempt in my make-up bag, because I frequently overlook them for nights out! Since I watched them being smoked up and worn with sculpted cheeks on Pixiwoo for a Blake Lively look, my everyday staples have seen a lot more nighttime action.


Confession time: I haven't actually tried this yet but I think it looks totally deadly, and it's probably the most extreme creative YouTube look that I'd wear in the course of a normal day. (What? Would dotted eyeliner not be totally normal-day appropriate?)



I was so impressed at being able to DIY a giant messy bird's nest on top of my head (yes, that's a good thing) after one look at this three minute vid that I immediately tweeted a pic of it.

And then brought it out for drinks.

True story.


Lisa Eldridge seems like a real lady, and I covet her Prada lip print frock with covety covetousness. Her current series of foundation masterclasses are sure to be a(nother) huge hit.


I'm a longtime fan of Sali Hughes and her frank, funny, to-the-point reviews and recommendations. This footage of Hughes hanging out in Caitlin Moran's loo, drinking Cava and chatting beauty while multiple pairs of tights dry on the rad, has elevated the pair to legend status in my book.

Do you have any favourite YouTube beauty vids?


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