Nail it This Sunday: Maybelline's David Barton's Nail Tutorials are Rather Deadly

vintage jewellery nails

Devvo, devvo we were when Maybelline asked us to pop over to London town recently for their trends presentation for SS12,  featuring their nail expert David Barton, but we were away doing something vital like having some R&R (without which we felt we might actually fall down dead).  Current London-dweller Lynnie was equally occupied getting engaged (!) so Maybelline had to do without us.

However, they have created these pretty deadly 'how to' nail videos, two of which we've already shared on Facebook. There's a rare thing better than a good YouTube tutorial - you know, shot well in HD, edited expertly and nice and short, without zillions of uhhmming and aaaahhing -  which these are. So props to the 'Line for that.

If you check's Facebook page you can see the tuts for a snakeskin nail and how to water marble (for the life of me I can only ever manage to water marble my clothes, the countertop and the floor when I try), and below are two more for doing city-scape talons and vintage jewellery-inspired nails.

David takes you through all the steps, shows you what to do and the products you'll need and makes it all so easy. Love it - let us know what you think and if you give 'em a go!




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