Product of the Day: Charlotte Gainsbourg for NARS Double Decker Lip Tint

Charlotte Gainsbourg co-created a collection with the iconic French beauty brand and in it is the simply stunning NARS Double Decker Lip Tint

When I first learned about the Charlotte Gainsbourg for NARS Collection, I was more than a little excited. Even though I work for a beauty website, I don't often get all shook up about these kinds of things. But, I love Charlotte Gainsbourg's genuinely (it seems) effortless fashion sense, and I'm one of those people the French roll their eyes at; I'm in love with French style. Charlotte is one of those cool, chic, anti-Kardashians and you can totally imagine her using this herself.

Charlotte Gainsbourg for NARS collection thankfully doesn't disappoint, although when I first tried the NARS Double Decker Lip Tint, I was initially a little dismayed. The colour looks so bright and so pigmented in the tube, but in reality, it's very sheer.

NARS Double Decker Lip Tint

NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Lip Tint €25

None of that matters. It's a lip tint, after all. The formula is jelly-like, but not tacky. The soft red shade adds more than a hint of colour to pale, small lips such as my own. 'Twill look good on any pout, mind. Lips are stained for hours (seriously, way longer than a normal tint), and it feels moisturising and smooth on the aul smackers. I also love the packaging.

It's become a handbag hero of mine; I use it all the time. In fact, I'd better pick up a new one because the Charlotte Gainsbourg for NARS collection won't be around forever.

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