All You Need To Know About Hosting A Clothing Swap Party

A clothing swap party is an event in which a group of people meet up with clothes they no longer wear and swap them for new (to them) pieces.

It is a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without spending a penny and they are fun social events too. So if you would like to host your own clothing swap party, read on to find out how to get started.

Choose guests

Friends and family are generally a good place to start when making the guest list. You also need to consider sizes when choosing guests; make sure there are at least two people that match for every size of clothing so that nobody will feel left out.

Make rules

For everything to run smoothly there has to be a few rules. All clothes should be clean, of good quality and in good condition. Agree in advance the number of clothes everyone has to bring to make it more even and fair. It is a good idea to tell everyone to bring accessories too, for example, ten items of clothing and five accessories. This way there is more scope for swapping.


You should also give a list of clothes not to bring, for example, maternity clothes, children's clothes, underwear etc.

Set up

Set up your space for the party, you want it to be easy for your guests to browse the clothes and you don't want it to seem like a jumble sale.

You won't spend the entire time swapping clothes so do have a table set up with some drinks and food. Ask everyone that will be attending to bring a dish or drink with them to keep costs.


Donate leftovers

While everyone is mingling, bag up any leftover clothes for the charity shop. Make sure you tell everyone though to give them the opportunity to ask for a particular item back.

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