NEW! Beaut.ienomics Rejoice: Lidl's Argan Oil Range Returns

We got very excited back in 2013 when Lidl's Argan Oil Range hit the shelves. This week, we've already found a pretty good hair bargain in Aldi's Mighty and Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Ranges, and found them competent but weird-smelling.


This Argan Oil Range from Lidl is another story.

It positively flew off the shelves when it was first introduced, and now it's back in a wider variation of products. The beloved dupe for Ojon and Moroccanoil, Lidl's Argan Oil Hair Treatment, is back. Mammy with her frizzy hair ("it just grows OUT, like a hedge" - direct quote) was again drafted to test this on her untameable mane.


Mammy declares herself impressed with this. It defrizzes and softens hair. Sure, it's loaded with mineral oil and silicones, but if your hair responds well to those ingredients, then have at it - calmer locks are just a pump away.


The Argan Oil Hair Treatment retails at just €2.99, and for that price, as mammy says, sure where would you be goin'?

New to the range are a Heat Defence Leave-in Spray (€2.99), an Argan Oil Body Butter (€2.49) and an Argan Oil Hydrating Hair Mask (€1.99), which I had a chance to try out.


The Hair Mask is interesting. Instructions say to apply it to damp hair after shampooing, leave for 7-10 minutes, then rinse, before applying your normal conditioner. It has a very strong perfume and the ingredients are not fancy (there's a lot of alcohol in there) but it does leave hair feeling soft and smooth- for €1.99, I'll take that.

And if mammy says they're good, then who are we to argue with her?


The Lidl Argan Oil Range hits shelves on the 10th of July, and we anticipate that there will be a rush for it. So get ready to grab some of this stuff before it's gone.

Do you like the sound of this? And will you be investing? To the comments!

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