NEW! Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks: Long-Lasting, Matte And Won't Break The Piggy Bank

Bourjois have added a liquid lipstick to their repertoire of classically feminine cosmetics. A number of similar products have been released since the advent of Yves Saint Laurent's Glossy Stains, and while this is more of a straightforward liquid lipstick than a glossy stain, it does have that hybrid product feel about it.

Available in eight shades, the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks are incredibly lightweight and have a soft, matte finish. I have three to show you - Hot Pepper, a modern, fiery orange red, Pink Pong, an intense blue-based magenta, and Frambourjoise, a pink-toned berry red.

You'll need to prep lips really well before applying these. Any matte lip product will sit very obviously on chapped lips, so make sure to buff them thoroughly with a cotton bud covered with your lip balm of choice. These are long wear products, so a layer of balm underneath is essential to keep lips from feeling dry and uncomfortable.

1 Hot Pepper

The colour is opaque - to see it at it best, I'd recommend applying a thin layer to the lips, blotting on a tissue, and then applying another layer.

The lasting power is impressive - I wore this product for several hours and it didn't feather, move, or misbehave in any way. I wore it without lip liner too - anything that stays put without lip liner is doing some serious work!

A couple of the claims made by Bourjois about this product irk me a little, however. They claim that it doesn't transfer to glasses or other surfaces your lips might come in contact with. This might be the case after several hours when the product wears a little, leaving a stain behind on the lips. But, three hours after application, when I had a cup of tea, the annoying bottom lip shaped mark was there on the cup for all to see. Make of that what you will.


2 Frambourjoise


Bourjois also claim that Rouge Edition Velvet is non-drying. And while this is the least drying matte liquid lipstick I've ever used, after a few hours without touching up, my lips did feel somewhat dry.

But as far as I'm concerned, that's quite an achievement for a liquid lipstick - the majority leave you with crusty lips almost immediately. And I wouldn't expect to wear a vibrant lip colour without some touch ups being required throughout the day or evening, so the dryness is entirely preventable with a little maintenance.

Frambourjoise Pink Pong

Overall, I'm very impressed with the light, intensely pigmented formulation of these lipsticks. The range features two vibrant shades in particular - Hot Pepper and Pink Pong (pictured) - which are really beautiful brights for summer.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks will hit shelves in mid April, and will cost €12.49. Do you think you'll be investing?

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