NEW! Garnier Ultimate Blends Haircare: Brilliant New Affordable Range

I'd advise against talking to your female friends about their hair, because they will never, ever stop. Like veterans of some terrible conflict, women sit together commiserating over their terrible hair stories - perms that went wrong, the perils of windy weather and the fact that there is not any such thing as an ironic hairstyle. There just isn't.

Mostly though, we just grumble about the fact that good hair products are really expensive, and even then, they can be hit and miss. Even when you find something that you really like, it doesn't work the way you'd like it to, or it has a bang of the malodorous to it. When clean hair moves throughout the day, you want a lovely burst of delicious scent. Nobody wants hair that smells like pork scratchings.

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That's why I was really happy to be introduced to the new Ultimate Blends range from Garnier. They've done their homework - seven years of research and a test base of two thousand women. So no messing about.

The result is a range of products that are amazingly affordable, smell divine (I iterally want to eat the conditioners) and work like much more expensive products. You can choose from several options within the range - there's something for every hair type.

I tested out 'The Marvellous Transformer' range of products for dry, dull hair which nourish the hair and create shine. This includes a shampoo, conditioner, one-minute treatment and a really beautiful oil. The result was soft, shiny hair, which is really something considering that I've highlighted the bejaysus out of my tresses.


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The best part, though, is the price. The Ultimate blend shampoos and conditioners will set you back €3.99. The one minute treatments come in at €6.99, the hair oils cost €10.99 and the dry shampoo (my head's new best friend) costs all of €5.49.

Isn't it great when something nice is actually affordable? It makes me all fuzzy inside. The Ultimate Blends Range will be in stores this week.

Will you be road testing these products? And how do you feel about the price of hair products generally? Tell us in the comments.

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