NEW! Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Mascara. Left Us Feeling a Bit Deflated. Review, Pics

I never tire of being tired of Maybelline's Mascara names. A long name doesn't guarantee long lashes, but Maybelline has released some great mascaras over the years. We were particularly fond of Mega Plush and The Rocket. Pharmacy brand mascaras have vastly improved in quality and value for money in the last decade or so, and we're always on the hunt for dupes of our favourite high-end products.

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Thus with open eyes and an open mind, I decided to give the new mascara offering from Maybelline - The Colossal Go Extreme (sounds like SUCH a busy evening) Mascara.

I'm a fan of old fashioned, bristly mascara brushes. None of this new-fangled rubber business will do. Based on the hundreds (or maybe thousands!) of mascaras I've tried, a bristled mascara spoolie will provide separated, less cloggy lashes over a rubber brush every time.

This mascara also sports a big brush, which, again, I rather like. The problem is that it is enormous.

maybelline masc 1

Too big to manouevre into the fiddly bit at the edge of the eye or even to wiggle right into the lash roots without getting mascara all over the eyelid, it's just impractical. More of a weapon than a mascara applicator, it comes at your eye with menace!


IF you can work around the gargantuan brush, you'll find a formula that's a bit drab, really. Nothing to write home about. If this were advertising itself as a lengthening mascara, I'd say that it's quite effective. The fact that it claims to seriously volumise lashes, but doesn't follow through, is very disappointing. If you head into your local chemist in search of a volumising mascara and pick this one up, a volumising mascara is not what you'll get, and that ain't cool.

Top: Left Eye Nothing, Right Eye One Coat. Middle: One coat. Bottom: Two Coats Top: Left Eye Nothing, Right Eye One Coat. Middle: One coat. Bottom: Two Coats

The mascara is not bad - it's nicely pigmented and the slightly wetter formula delivers length rather than volume. For an everyday lengthening mascara, it's a great choice. It just doesn't deliver on its promises of volume.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough false promises from boyfriends (No, you WON'T remember to put the bins out) and online retailers (No, my dress WON'T be delivered by Wednesday). I just don't need my mascara sassing me like that.

Maybelline The Colossal is available in Boots and pharmacies nationwide at €10.49.


Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts on products that promise one thing and give you another? Give us your view in the comments!

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