NEW! Nyx Curve Eyeliner: Nifty Gadget to Help You Achieve that Elusive Cat Flick. Review, Pics

There's no iteration of the cat eye that I don't like. It can change your eye shape, making round eyes longer and long eyes rounder. It always looks chic, suits any outfit, and gives you a bit of pep in your step. It's a tricky divil to achieve, but loves every eye shape that there is. You can look great in a cat eye regardless of eye shape, eye size or race - it suits everyone!

But I know. The main challenge with a cat eye is that it can be frigging impossible to apply. And, honestly, there's no clever doohicky that will do the work for you. Practice is really the only way to master a cat eye, but some application methods are easier than others.

NYX have recently extended their availability across Ireland, and the brand has a lot of great products which are well worth checking out. One of their most weird and wonderful looking is the Nyx Curve Eyeliner.


I favour a pot of gel liner and a fine artist's brush, but it's easy to make mistakes with that method. This clever fellow from NYX won't apply your line for you, but it should help to keep your hand steady, and make the process as easy as possible?!

It's really light and fits in the crook between your thumb and index finger perfectly. You can be right or left handed and still use it with great success! The formula inside the pen is liquid rather than gel, but it is deeply pigmented and does not budge. I've been wearing it for twelve hours, and it still looks fresh.



The applicator tip is not too soft and not too rigid, and it makes a perfectly clean line. To thicken the lash line, you can hold this sideways and press the side of the nib along the lash line. It's a fool proof method!

A cat eye is tougher to achieve, but with a bit of practice, this liner is a good way of getting there!


The Curve Eyeliner is available at selected pharmacies nationwide at €15.99.


Do you struggle to achieve that elusive flick? And will you be giving this liner a go? Let us know in the comments!

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