NEW! Physicians Formula Launches in Ireland: High Quality, Affordable Price and Oh-So-Pretty Packaging

Earlier this week I went along to the Irish launch of US mega brand, Physicians Formula. Now, many of you will be familiar with the name, and may have stuffed a few bits into your suitcase on your J1 or on that family holiday to long lost cousin Betty in Boston.

We've lamented over the fact that we can't get ALL the brands that we want in Ireland (we're a bit greedy like that) so the arrival of America's number one bronzer brand to our shores will send up whoops and hollers all over the land.

The brand delivers high quality at a really affordable price - prices start at €10.90 and nothing is above €20.

Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush €17.90, pH Matchmaker Lipgloss €13.90 Sexy Booster Glow Blush €17.90, pH Matchmaker Lipgloss €13.90

The packaging deserves a mention for being oh-so-pretty.

And it has brains as well as beauty, with a few of the products, like the pH Matchmaker lipgloss above, having built-in lights. Rejoice, for there will be no more smearing of gloss all over your face when you are in the taxi from bar to club, arriving at your destination looking more fright than fierce.

The pigment pay off is good for the price and their Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner palette in Nude (€15.90) is a great set of neutrals, pinks and browns. It's another alternative to the Naked palette mania. 


pH Matchmaker Powered Blush €16.90, Mineral Glow Pearls €17.90 pH Matchmaker Powered Blush €16.90, Mineral Glow Pearls €17.90

My favourite piece from the collection was the Super BB Beauty Balm Powder, below. Is this just another example of BB madness taking over the world by alphabet stealth? Yes, it is a band-wagon jumping piece of kit but I like it nonetheless. It feels silky smooth and has a soft sheen as opposed to containing full-on glitter particles.

If I am having a good skin day, I'll be popping on a little concealer and this powder - enough to even out skin tone but light enough to allow the skin a foundation-free day.

Super BB Beauty Balm Powder, €17.90 Super BB Beauty Balm Powder, €17.90

Physicians Formula will be available in pharmacies nationwide from June 1st.


Are you tempted to try out this pocket-friendly, prettily-packaged range? Have you used anything from the range before? Tell us  the comments!

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