NEW! Weleda White Mallow Baby Derma Range: Forget Baby, We Want It!

I am not currently in possession of a baby; not mine, not anyone else's. That does not mean, however, that I don't love products that are designed with babies (and children generally) in mind.

We try to be nice to children. We feed them nice things which will help them grow, and we tend only to put nice things on their skin. At least, that's how it should be. And I'll be damned if I'm not getting a piece of that action.

You may remember my tipping the hat to Weleda's Skin Food around St. Patrick's day, when we all had entirely exhausted and hungover winter skin. Tired, dry skin will drink that rich moisturiser right up, and the Duchess of Cambridge is a known fan.

When I had the chance to try this new range from Weleda, I was delighted, for two reasons. Reason number one is that I like nice things and they make me feel happy inside. Reason number two is that we are always talking about eczema on It plagues vast numbers of Irish children and adults, so we're always on the lookout for products that might help you feel better.

We recently looked at Avene's new Xeracalm range, which is showing very promising results. If you have an unhappy, rashy baby, or some unhappy, rashy legs, then it's definitely worth a go.

This range from Weleda also looks great, and I set to trialling it with gusto. I don't currently have any eczema to speak of, but I am prone to a patch of vastly annoying dermatitis near my chin. It flares up on a whim when it thinks my life is going a bit too easily. As it would.


  • White Mallow Face Cream (€12.85)

I've been banging this on at bed time, and it has indeed really helped my dermatitis. By two nights of use, the little patch all but disappeared!

You don't need to have a dry skin condition to use this, just a dry skin. This cream is unctuously rich, and will give dry skin just what it needs. It's thick, comforting and soothing. It works well under makeup too, though if you have oily skin, I'd keep this for night time use.

There's no artificial fragrance in here - just the lovely aroma of the pansy and white mallow that are key ingredients in it. It's also rich in organic coconut and sesame oils, as well as several others.


If you have super sensitive skin, this will help without upsetting it. Oh yes, and you can put it on your baby (or you know, keep it for yourself!)

weleda 2


  • White Mallow Body Lotion (€15.40)

This body lotion is soaked in by skin in no time. I would contentedly hug a baby who smelled of white mallow and pansy, softened by coconut and sesame oil, wouldn't you?

This will tackle eczema without that heavy, greasy residue that emollient creams can leave on the skin. You COULD share this with a baby, but since the baby is too small to forcibly take it, I suggest you never share it.

weleda 3

  • White Mallow Nappy Change Cream (€11.55)

This is like Sudocrem, but not actually terrible for your skin. It contains zinc oxide (like Sudocrem), which will soothe irritation, acne and nappy rash, but it contains coconut, sunflower, sesame  and sweet almond oils, without the irritating ingredients that Sudocrem actually contains (sodium benzoate, propylene glycol and butylated hydroxyanisole are all in Sudocrem, and can cause dermatitis in sensitive skins). I want to go about the nation, root around everyone's bathroom and have a national Sudocrem bonfire.

If you can have the results without the crap, why wouldn't you? Sure, your baby's bum will thank you. This range is affordable, effective, and lovely. I'm sold.


Will you be trying this range? Are you a fan of more natural skincare? To the comments!

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