Nighty Night

good night sleep creamAh, night cream - most of us get to a point where using it becomes inevitible - after all, letting something work on your skin while you sleep is a most excellent idea if you ask me. No effort required on our part - it just works away while we slumber.

Picking the right night cream is whole other ball game. I've been through bazillions at this stage - anti-ageing ones, peels, creams and lotions. None have 'spoken' to me and said (possibly in a weird creepy voice) "Kirstie, buyyyyyy meeeeeee againnnnnnn". But I think I've found my steady night cream, and it is Elizabeth Arden Good Night Sleep Cream.

Presented in a lovely blue glass jar, this gel-cream is light but ultra hydrating. It contains lavender and other botanical goodies to help you get a restful nights sleep. Massage it on before bedtime, and as you drift off, inhale the delicious sleepy scent. Gorgeous!


Buy it for €49 from Elizabeth Arden stockists. UPDATE! Or buy from Strawberrynet for the amazing price of €28.50!

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