How often do you really need a haircut?

Getting a haircut is something I am never on top of. It’s is one of those things I always forget and never prioritize. I swear to my hairdresser each time I do go that I will be back soon but I never am.

But getting a regular trim does come with some great benefits. It helps your hair to grow but not from the root, that unfortunately is an old wives’ tale. What it actually does is stop the hair from breaking from split ends. By trimming the split ends regularly, it means your hair is going to stick around long and look much healthier.

But how often should we really be getting a trim? After all, healthy-looking hair is what we all want, so how often is enough?

A general rule of thumbs is 6 to 8 weeks.

However, there's a slightly different guide depending on your hair type.

Short hair

Short hair like a bob or a pixie cut will need regular trims to keep the shape. As soon as you get some growth it can really distort the shape so a trim every 4 weeks is a must.


Damaged hair

Unfortunately, there is no cure for damaged hair. But you can help it get healthy again by getting monthly trims. This will allow time to let new healthy hair grow and get rid of the damaged hair bit by bit. Getting a trim every 4 weeks is your best bet at getting healthy hair again.



Layered hair

Hair with lots of layers needs trimming quite regularly. Again, to keep the lengths of layers they need a trim every 6ish weeks.


Fine hair

Fine hair needs regular re-shaping without taking too much off in order to give some volume. People with fine hair often think that by cutting their hair it will make it look even finer, but it is actually the opposite.


Healthy hair

Healthy hair with no damage and no layers can go the longest without a trim. If you are one of the lucky ones with healthy hair you are looking at 8 to 12 weeks between trims to keep your hair in its best condition.




If you have a fringe you should be getting it trimmed every 2 weeks. This way the cut will stay looking fresh.

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