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mother earth oilI recently got a sample of some Kneipp Almond Body Oil included with some makeup which I'd ordered from the States. I gave it a go after a bath and it was really nice - it smoothed on easily and absorbed quickly and well - perfect body moisturisation for lazy me who hates all that faffing about rubbing body lotion in. It smelled lovely too, made my skin soft and smooth - and in short I was interested in getting me some more.

Sadly I couldn't find any Kneipp stockists here (though if any readers know of any, please let us know!) so I looked to lovelula.com for inspiration. And happily for me, they stock a range of body oils by brands like Weleda, Mother Earth, Absolute Aromas and Mother Earth, among others. I like the look of the Mother Earth Raindrops & Roses Bath & Massage Oil (left) as it can be used in your bath water as well as rubbed directly onto the skin. It does more than just moisturise though - it also claims to be of emotional benefit, helping you find feelings of peacefulness and love, and can help with vitality too. All that for €17.46? Ok!

The Weleda Sea Buckthorn Oil is cheaper at €11.52 and claims to moisturise your stretchmarks away, plus regular use will also leave skin feeling toned. Another lovelula.com pick I like the look of is the Absolute Aromas Organic Sweet Almond Oil for the sheer number of uses it's suitable for - you can use it for massage, as a body oil to prevent stretchmarks, in a bath with essential oil, as a simply nourishing facial oil and cleanser or massaged into hair to nourish dry, flaky scalps. And the price of such versatility? A meagre €10.18!

balance meOver at purelyu.com the Balance Me Super Body Oil has definitely caught my eye - lovely packaging, as well as lovely ingredients.


It contains Bergamot, Geranium, Juniper and Lavender combined with the ultra moisturising properties of Almond, Jojoba and Wheatgerm oils. These combine to create a powerful, nourishing and uplifting women’s body oil. It can also help in the fight against the dreaded cellulite as it helps to optimise effective elimination of toxins and promote healthy circulation on hips and thighs.

It'll look great in your bathroom too, and costs €22.

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