On the Hunt for a New Signature Scent? We Try 3 New Fragrances.

There is a reason why we like Shiseido Ever Bloom the best out of the three new scents we tried this week. We couldn't put our finger on it as it was passed around the table to resounding Oohs and Ahhs at the press launch but on second sniff we think we've got it. It's...it's a bit like Charlie Red.

Charlie Red was my signature scent as a young one so there's a special place in my heart for it. Shiseido Ever Bloom is a bit more sophisticated than that youthful fragrance but, it's still youthful, fresh and feminine. We think it's really lovely.

The bottle is really beautiful - simple and elegant and smooth. It's as luxurious as glass gets. As for the scent itself, it's 'a musky white floral' fragrance; the main notes are Orange Blossom, Gardenia  (so gorgeous), musk and hinoki wood. We think that anyone who likes delicate floral scents that are more tangy than sweet will love this. It's on our pulse points right now. shisedo

We were very lucky to get a sneak sniff - it doesn't hit Shiseido counters till November.

30ml is €53;    50ml is €76;     90ml is €105

Emporio Armani Diamonds Violet was released this week with singer Ella Eyre fronting the campaign. Guys, the box has diamonds in it. The Box. This scent is definitely for the girl who likes bling. It's quite a tough, rock chick-esque fragrance but it's also fruity and we detected a clove type smell which we liked.
The notes we are told exist are passion fruit, litchi, raspberry (at the top), Damascena rose essence and lily-of-the-valley form the heart and praline, vanilla and patchouli are knocking around there too.

30ml €38.00 

Launching in July is Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss. Sometimes, it's all about the bottle -the container for Loverdose is quite the showstopper. It's in the shape of a heart - well it would have to be - but it's a cool, hip heart with a pointy end that a cheating ex wouldn't like to see coming at them.

It's another darker, muskier scent - we're told it's in the  'floriental orange blossom' olfactory group.


image1_0250 ml €52 75ml €66.50

Are you thinking of changing up your scent? Do any of these sound like they might be up your alley?




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