Do you own one of our five favourite foundation brushes?

We have put together a list of our favourite tried and tested foundation brushes. We bet you use one of these regularly.

Depending on what type of foundation you use and what finish you like to have on it you might choose a particular type of brush. We have put together our favourite, most used foundation brushes. Do you use one of these?
NIMA flat head Kabuki

NIMA Flat head Kabuki Brush €17


A flat head kabuki is a great foundation brush if speedy application is one of your main goals. These are good for applying foundation quickly with no streaks.

AYU foundation brushes

AYU Complexion Perfection Buffer Brush €13.50


This brush is favoured by YouTuber Chloe Boucher and features regularly in her makeup videos. Another lovely brush for giving you an airbrushed finish on your makeup and we reckon it's a bargain too.


MAC Duo Fibre Foundation brushes €36.45-€42


Surely everybody has at least one MAC foundation brushes? They are up there with the best quality brushes available. They cost a pretty penny but they will work hard for many years for you.

Powder 'n' Pout The Oval Foundation P010 - Be Beautiful

Powder 'n' Pout The Oval Foundation P010 €12

A flat head foundation brush like this one is great for precise application. You can do every inch of your face to a high coverage finish. This is the best choice for applying full coverage foundation.flat head powder foundation brush ]0-===p-0-0i;v9\g6tc bf

Bare Minerals Beautiful Finish Brush €27.90

This flathead powder foundation brush is great for using with powder foundation or mineral foundations. Bare Minerals have been leading the way in tools for mineral foundation. They have a great range of brushes to go with their different mineral foundations.

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