One Foundation Applied Two Ways: Which Application Method Wins?

I remember buying my first foundation brush when MAC opened in Brown Thomas about 13 years ago. It seems like years, and it is, but what didn't age was the brush. I still have it and it's perfect.

I look after it as I would a child. But recently, I have found myself not using it, and opting to apply my foundation with my fingers. I have always had temperamental skin, so coverage was ever so important.

But thanks to a great skin routine that seems to work, I have clear skin which has reignited my interest in getting that flawless finish. So, I have undertaken an experiment. The same foundation, the same make up, but applied in two ways. So here goes the brush versus hands debate!

1. The Brush

Foundation applied with flat brush Foundation applied with flat brush

I apply the foundation to the back of my hand as usual, and dab in the brush until is just a little coated (I use Rimmel Perfect Match foundation in Ivory). I don't overload the product on my brushes as it cakes on my skin. So I like to go for a few light layers that I can build up for coverage.

I start, always, on my right cheek. I have no idea why, but since a teenager I've gone this way. I tend to blend inwards which I know is not technically correct but it works for my skin texture. I go over my nose with the brush to the other cheek, and so forth over my face. I'm left with a nice bit of coverage, which does need some topping up with concealer and powder where needed.

Full make up with foundation applied with brush Full make up with foundation applied with brush

The result is a face that looks natural, but the make up is a bit more obvious. My brushes of choice include the MAC 190 (€37), Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (€10) and AYU's buffer brush (€12.50).

2. Fingers

Foundation applied with finger tips Foundation applied with finger tips

Taking just one pump of the same foundation, I start with the product on all finger tips, and blend from the side of my nose out to my cheeks. The product doesn't cake, and seems to blend very well this way. Taking another small amount I apply to my forehead making sure the foundation gets to all areas. Chin is last and I tend to dab this area as it's where I break out the most, so a little more coverage is needed here.

When I stand back and look at my face at this point it has a nice glow, without looking shiny. And then it's the same concealer and powder routine as above.

Full make up with foundation applied with finger tips Full make up with foundation applied with finger tips

From trying both application methods this week, I think I am veering towards applying products with my fingers. For some reason, my face likes it and looks like it has a more natural finish.


So tell me, how to you apply yours? Have you found a way that works for you? Spill your tips and tricks!

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