One of Our Long Lost TV Crushes Has Just Made a Reappearance...

Many an afternoon of our precious youth was spent watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and wishing that we had magical powers, so we're more than familiar with heartthrob Harvey Kinkle.

However, you might not know what the star of the show looks like nowadays, so he helpfully tweeted out a picture giving us all get a look at what actor Nate Richert looks like these days.

Pre-empting that the snap would probably end up becoming a story about what he looks like now (we know, we know), Richert gave the tweet a pretty apt caption.


Richert is 37-years-old and has been acting as well as writing music and appearing in comedy sketches since his days in Sabrina, and judging by his tweet, something tells us he might have worn the glasses in this picture for comic effect...

Via The Mirror. Main pic via fanpop

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