OPI Nail Envy: First Impressions

I've always had what I'd describe as problem nails. Ok, so they've never engaged in anti-social behaviour or been brought home by the police, but they are prone to peeling and flaking, occasionally tearing half-way down the side of their length, and generally wrecking my head. Keeping them out of water and being diligent with a cuticle oil definitely helps their condition but I wondered if a nail strengthening product might kick their improvement up a notch.

Enter OPI Nail Envy. This stuff is wildly popular among the nail blogging community (I know Sue is a big fan) but I'd been hanging back from the bandwagon because Marian Newman, THE authority on all things nails, isn't convinced that nail strengtheners are all that and a bag of chips.

The perfect nail, Newman believes, should be strong, yes, but also flexible so that it can absorb shocks without breaking as well as resist tears. Nail strengtheners can be problematic as misuse or over-use can actually make nails too hard, dry, and brittle, inclined to snap and break at the free edge.

With that in mind, and understanding that my nails are weak, soft, and peeling so ideal candidates for it, I've introduced OPI Nail Envy into my routine for a short-term stint (three weeks max.) This should be sufficient to strengthen them without brittleness setting in, and I can then think about following up with a moisturising treatment to hopefully achieve that elusive balance between strong and flexible.


Per the instructions, I'm applying two coats to my nails and then topping up with a coat every second day, removing the lot on day 7 and starting again from scratch. The lovely wide OPI brush means it's a cinch to put on. Worn alone, it leaves nails looking glossy; used as the base and top coats in a colour polish sandwich with every-other-day top-ups, it provided me with a solid five chip-free days on my last manicure.

I'll let you know how I got on with it when my little trial is up, but for now tell me are you a fan of OPI Nail Envy?

Stockists include Boots, salons, salon suppliers like Hennessy's, and Millies.

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