One Mascara, 100 Women: What Did They Think of Rimmel Supercurler?

There's a niggly contraption that most women have in their beauty stash and they use it with trepidation or they ignore altogether: the eye lash curler. Hands up who has clamped those curler jaws on their actual eye-lid more than once. But while it can be considered an instrument of torture, its function is curl lashes and that is a beauty feature many women crave.

So, along came Rimmel with its new super mascara, correction, new Supercurler mascara. Promising to provide volume and curl the lashes, can we really say #ByeByeLashCurler?


You might remember that a few weeks ago we called out to you to see if you wanted to try this 'mascara marvel'. A huge number of people were up for the task and they embraced it with gusto. Now, we can reveal what those beauty lovers thought of Rimmel 24HR Supercurler mascara.

The big question is if it gives visibly curled lashes. Well get ready to ditch your curling contraption because 88 % of participants gave it a decisive yes. Not only that, over 80 % of participants would recommend the mascara to a friend and 90 % agreed that at €8.99, the 24HR Supercurler Mascara is great value for money.

Let's hear what some of out participants had to say:

I absolutely love it! It gives my eyes great definition without any curler and still makes my lashes look lush and long! I've told all my friends to keep an eye out for it (no pun intended!)

I absolutely LOVE it. Finally, a mascara that does exactly what it says! I enjoyed trialling it so much.

Have to say it's a brilliant mascara. I'll definitely be repurchasing!

I found my lil lashes went from light and short to curled up lush lashes à la Shirley Temple! So was delighted with the results.

The Rimmel Super Curler has been an absolute pleasure to use.

Why not take a look at it in action?

lashes 1





lashes 2


lashes 3


So there you have it, talk about results speaking for themselves! See more at And check out our video tutorial on how to get a gorgeous eye look using the 24HR Supercurler mascara.


The Rimmel 24HR Supercurler mascara is available now at €8.99.

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