Our Super Summer Skincare Saviours

If there was ever a time for our skin to look really, really good, it’d be round about now. In the summer months we tend to pare down our makeup, wear less base products and show off our real and actual skin a little bit more.

The only problem with this? Summer is also the time when we have to deal with some really annoying skin issues. Most of us, anyway. If you look like Gisele, or indeed are Gisele, please stop reading now. For everyone else, here are some common complaints, with some skincare solutions to help.

  • Thirsty Skin


When temperatures rise, there’s more chance of dehydration in the skin: water literally evaporates from our skin cells, and things can feel tight and uncomfortable. Drink plenty of water, of course, but help things along with your skincare - we’ve listed some great picks here, but basically, for added hydration, anything loaded with hyaluronic acid is your friend. For instant relief, I also like to stash a water spray in the fridge to mist over my face.

  • Summer Breakouts

More than ever, in the summer, exfoliation is key. To prevent clogged pores and the build-up of dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts, you have several options. You could incorporate a tool like the Clarisonic into your skincare routine, use something like Clinique’s excellent 7 Day Scrub, or go down the chemical exfoliant route, by adding acids into your skincare routine.



I am IN LOVE with the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, which have a gentle but effective level of lactic and glycolic acids; use them daily in place of a toner. And if you do have a flare-up? Origins Super Spot Remover is a great over-the-counter remedy (and we’ve a few more suggestions right here) - or, if you can get it on prescription, a low-strength hydrocortisone cream is fab for emergency flare-ups.

  • Pigmentation

Dark spots and pigment patches are exacerbated not just by exposure to the sun, but from heat in your skin, too. We all know SPF is hugely important to prevent dark spots from forming – but what if the damage is already done?


Laser is probably the most effective treatment – I’ve had my gigantic sun spot lasered off on a couple of occasions now– but it’s pricey, and the fecker has always eventually returned. There are some fairly effective lotions and potions for dark spots – we wrote about some of them here - and a new one I’ve been liking is the Clarins Mission Perfection Serum, targeting age spots, discolouration, dark areas, acne scars, dullness and redness in the skin. It’s €60, but it’s damn good stuff.


So c’mon, spill: what’s your most biggest summer-skin bugbear – and what do you rely on to help?

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