The beauty products you need to bin after three years

Welcome to the final edition of my Beauty Product Expiration date series.

If you missed the other three parts, catch up now. Find out the products you should throw out every two – three months here, and those you should replace after six – twelve months here, and two years here.

To recap, our beauty products have got shelf lives, and once they have been opened they are contaminated and can and will start to grow mould from the active mould particles that are swirling through the air.

Bacteria loves wet, moist, damp confined areas, like, oh, beauty products.

So, to round up the final part of my series, let's take a look at the beauty products that you should definitely bin after three years.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner


Aussome Volume Shampoo

  • Body Lotion with Pump



  • Perfume



  • Hairspray





There you have it, a run through of expiration dates for all your beauty products. Do some of these surprise you? Or were you already aware?

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