Do I really need a pedicure this summer?

We often forget about our feet all winter long. Only really remembering we have toenails when the Summer sandals come out of the wardrobe.

Which is why it is always a good idea to stay regular with your foot care. I love getting a pedicure. I know some people may be opposed to strangers touching their feet, but it's so relaxing. They also help with a lot more things than you think.

Here are some reasons why pedicures are totally worth it:

They make you feel good

There is no woman in this world that doesn’t feel like a queen when her toenails are painted and she has had a pedicure. The softness of your feet is just beautiful and can make you feel like a refreshed, new woman.


Self-care doesn’t always have to involve a trip to the salon or gym membership but sometimes it's nice to do something just for you. Get a coffee and bring your book. Enjoy an hour dedicated to you.

Keeping feet healthy


Not only do regular pedicures keep your feet looking pretty, but they also keep your feet in good shape. They keep your nails trimmed, they can keep corns and calluses controlled and they keep your feet hydrated.

Keeps the blood flowing

Foot massages don't just feel amazing but regular foot massages help to relieve tension in the entire lower leg and stimulates circulation.


Although a beauty therapist may not be trained in reflexology, the relaxing and rejuvenating feeling you get after a pedicure will be similar.

The results last

If you find a great therapist stick with them. When done correctly you can reap the rewards of a good pedicure for 4/6 weeks. Meaning you will have gorgeous feet for almost two months post-pedi.


I think it’s a no brainer really!

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