How to get perfect legs to wear with your summer dresses

It's that time of year again where our pasty white legs need to get in shape to be revealed to the world. Here's how to get perfect legs and hide the veins and cellulite and scaly uneven skin tone.

Irish legs are hidden away for warmth for the large part of the year. When they finally see the light of day again they are like corned beef - all veins, dry, pale and blotchy. The only way to get them ready to be seen in public is with a bit of TLC and pampering.

Give your legs a good exfoliation in the shower to get them ready. You may apply your tan as usual if you want. For a beautiful, glowing, strokable finish use these two products together.

This is an easily absorbed oil that doesn't leave a greasy residue but gives your skin a hydrated glow. It will nourish and moisturise your legs but most importantly it leaves a gorgeous shine. A good shine will catch the light nicely on camera so your legs are winning in real life and for the camera.


Human and kind Body-Oil3

Use Art Deco Golden Bronze Oil Drops €24.20 to add colour and shimmer and diffuse imperfections. It's not makeup but it does slightly conceal redness and veins in your legs, or at least makes them less noticeable. Apply it in circular motions all over your legs.

Art Deco bronze oil drops

Slip into your favourite summer dress and strut your stuff, confident in the knowledge that your pins are worthy of the public eye.

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