Perfect Palettes from Strawberrynet

Lets also celebrate International Women's Day by looking at some bargainous beauty bits from Strawberrynet. Palettes are my picks of choice today - if you've wanted to try out a brand for a while, the a palette is a great way to get an overview of the brand and find out what in particular you like the most. Plus, as all these palettes have nice discounts, it's an even bigger incentive!

The first one that stood out for me was this gorgeous Anna Sui Eye Color Collection palette. It's got 5 shades - and would you just look at that packaging! Plus you get to save 23% - it's now down to €37.

anna sui

Next up, Guerlain. Oh me, oh my, I am seriously coveting this Guerlain Beauty Coffret Makeup Palette. It contains everything a fashionable laydee about town needs to complete her barely there nude look. Yum. It's a bit more pricey at €48.50 (this includes a 20% saving) - but I reckon it's worth it.



A fair whack cheaper at €19.50, this Stila Midnight Bloom Palette compact is dotey, and will take you from day to evening no bother - it's gorgeously packaged too.


Lastly, take a look at this Lancome Absolue Seduction Palette. It's fairly heaving with product! You'll get about a million things - blusher, powder, lip colours, mascara, kohl, lip pencil... all that for €56.50 - not bad eh? Plus you save 25%.


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