Pics: A Lesson in Acing Snapchat From Irish Model Holly Carpenter...

Thank you, Holly Carpenter, for demystifying the internet for anyone who ever thought "Man, there's a lot of attractive people relaxing with their dogs this weekend."


The more obvious "It's just me, relaxing" shots include the very subtle 'ME NAKED IN THE BATH' and 'Sure it's just me looking extremely lovely with my friends"...

And sure who hasn't posted a totally inadvertent cleavage shot to the internet...


Spot. On.


It doesn't end there either. There are more snaps of Holly fluently speaking Snapchat over on her blog. Or indeed on her Snapchat - hollcarpenter.

We'd personally like to thank Holly for raising everyone's game... It's time to get a bit more inventive when it comes to captioning, people!

Are you guilty of any of the above examples? While the proliferation of 'relaxing with dog' selfie is popular, I'll hold my hands up to the 'subtle' cleavage shot...

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