Pixi Glow Tonic: Why We Just LOVE This Wonder-Toner

My skincare routine is pretty comprehensive, and thanks to our chum and skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, my skin has benefitted greatly from the use of acid toners.

And up till now, I've been happily using Clarins Exfoliating Toner, which is utterly beautiful, and contains around 2% Glycolic acid (if you're wondering how you might use an acid toner within your skincare routine, check out my routine, as a guide). 

For some time now, Caroline has recommended Glow Tonic, from a brand called Pixi, as an incredibly effective acid toner. It's not available to buy in Ireland, but can be shipped to us.

I recently picked up a bottle during a trip to London, and thought I'd give it a goo to let you know whether it's worth the fuss of ordering.

It is.


Personally, I really don't like buying skincare and cosmetics online unless I've had a thorough look at the ingredients. I feel even more reassured if I've already got a chance to have a feel of the product. All those testers with thumb-shaped holes jammed in them? Yes. Sorry. That was me.

However, this is worth trying. A glycolic acid toner will make the biggest difference to your skin of any product in your routine. It refines the skin, dissolves the bonds between dead surface skin cells and the lovely new skin underneath, and keeps cell turnover at a healthy rate.


With a glycolic acid component of 5%, this fellow packs more punch than the Clarins equivalent. Don't be afraid of glycolic acid, though, it is your skin's friend. Yes, it sensitises the skin to sunlight, so just make sure to use SPF, and your skin will be happy as Larry!

The combination of urea with natural ingredients like witch hazel will help with breakouts, by keeping the skin's PH at a normal level.

I love it! And yes, it is good for all ages, and all skin types.


There is one drawback to this product, and no, it's not the cost. At 16 pounds (sterling) for 250mls, it's a STEAL. The drawback is the scent. I can absolutely get over this, because the difference in my skin is palpable. But...

It smells like the perfume your granny used to wear. You know, the one that gives you a headache the very moment you get one sniff?

This does not give you a headache, it just smells like you granny's perfume. However, at that price and that level of efficacy, I am sold!


Have you tried Pixi Glow Tonic? Are you a fan of this type of toner?

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