Plump Up The Volume

lipfusion lip plumpWhat is it with lip plumping products recently? They're everywhere! Pout, Du Wop and Too Faced all do them and now I spy Fusion Beauty's LipFusion Lip Plump which sounds like it actually has a chance of doing what it says on the box.

My impressions of other plumping glosses are that they contain irritants to swell lips for a very temporary action, but this plumper contains collagen which has been dehydrated in order to diffuse into the lips and use their natural water for instant plumping. Rightio so! They say it can create full lips for up to 48 hours, and this is all to do with the magic of the fabulous collagen.


They recommend that you apply at night and wake up the next morning to bee-stung beauty, but you can also use it any time as it starts working immediately. Needless to say, such miracles don't come cheap, and LipFusion Lip Plump will set you back €37.75 from HQHair.

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