POLL. Trending topic: Centra in Mickey Money Mix-up


Four branches of Centra  included crates of beer as part of their Children's Allowance Day Special Offer, in the most thoughtless marketing failure since Starbucks asked the Irish what their favourite thing about being British was.

I've seen "Mickey Money Tuesday" being used for a cheap laugh too often, by people who think that parents neglecting their children to go on the piss is funny.

One in eleven children have to cope with having a parent who is misusing alcohol and I honestly don't feel that it should be used as a source of humour. Centra went a step further and used it as marketing tool and this in my opinion is totally reprehensible.

Normalising alcohol abuse and enabling its abusers aside, they've also stuck two fingers up at the parents who scrimp, save and sacrifice so their children don't go without. That the folks who thought up this campaign assumed drink should be atop the list of "must-haves" come children's allowance day baffles me.


The ads have been pulled, but what on earth were they doing up in the first place?

What's your opinion?

images via irishtimes.com

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