Poll: What is the most unnecessary beauty product?

Last week, I asked you what little beauty detail actually makes all the difference to your beauty look, and like women after me own heart, over a third of you said that groomed brows were a must-have for you.

But what if I was to say that I think brow fillers like Benefit's Gimme Brow or plain old brow fillers like pencilsĀ or powders are totally unnecessary beauty products? I'm not saying that, for the record, but I'm sure some people do.

See, that's the thing. I never use false lashes - I find them annoying to apply and think they look OTT on - but some women out there would never leave the house without them, especially when dolled up. On the flipside, I always use a setting spray to fix my makeup, but I know people who say they would never waste money on such a thing.

For you, out of this list, what beauty product is the most unnecessary?

Here are the full results from last week's poll.

  • What little grooming detail do you think makes all the difference?

Groomed brows 37.78%

Styled hair 21.78%

Even skin tone (with self-tan or face & body makeup) 16.44%

A manicure 12.89%

A painted lip 4%


Full eye makeup 3.56%

Eyelash extensions 3.56%

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