Pollution masks are the latest mask trend. We've tried 2 and we're on board

We have face masks for everything from brightening to hydrating to soothing, so why not have pollution masks, too?

It's no secret that I am mad about masks. Mad about them! I love that they are so common now because they are the best way to give your skincare regime a boost. I do a mask at least twice a week, alternating between sheets and goop and I don't think the effect they have on my skin is a placebo.

The thing with masks, though, is that you need to choose one that suits your skin needs, or there's no point in using it. I have LOADS of skin needs; that's why I like the multi-mask movement. L'Oreal does this very well with its clay mask collection, by the way; they were winners at this year's Beautie Awards. I also just use different mass on different days of the week: a clarifying, skin calming mask on Sunday, just say, and a refreshing and rehydrating sheet mask on a Wednesday.

The newest skin issue targeted by the industry, however, is one that affects most people - pollution. Lancome and The Body Shop are two brands that have released pollution-fighting masks, and I've been trying them both.

body shop pollution mask

The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask €25

This is like a breath of fresh air to your face. The consistency is not as tight as traditional masks-in-a-tub, and the refreshment starts as soon as you place the first dab on your face. As well as being a mask, it acts as a gentle exfoliant which I love, given that my skin issues include dullness and a tendency to break out. The key ingredient is the Matcha Tea which helps to remove pollutants and other impurities from the skin.

I really like this mask. My skin feels like it's had a deep clean after using it, without the effort. The Body Shop recommends using it at the start of the week to de-clog your skin and prepare it for the days ahead. They also say it enhances the performance of your other skincare products - so an at-home spa day on Sunday nights it is then.

I always use a toner after my mask to clear any excess product left behind, and these days I've been using another new Body Shop product, the Chinese Ginseng & Rice Milky toner (€15.50), that can be used with the mask to brighten skin.

Lancôme The Purifying and Refining Clay Mask € 51.75

Joining the Énergie De Vie mask collection is the Purifying and Refining clay mask that promises to get rid of 'urban impurities.' Featuring antioxidant French Melissa and energy boost ginseng, the mask's job is to purify and illuminate battered skin. It's a lot more like a traditional clay mask than The Body Shop's and lots of people will be grateful for that. It tightens on the skin and it actually tightens the skin, minimising the appearance of pores.

I do like it, but there are cheaper clay masks that do the same thing (like the aforementioned mask from L'Oreal). That said, my skin genuinely looks brighter and smoother after using it. I usually do my mask routine at night time so I don't clog my face back up again with makeup, but somewhat counterintuitively, because of its effect on the skin's surface, this would be one to use before a day of wearing makeup.

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