Pretty in Pink: Rihanna Launches Glam New Perfume - RiRi

It seems as though the vibe is Pretty In Pink Barbie by way of Dynasty, Madonna's Material Girl, Barbara Cartland and Jackie Collins all in a tumble dryer of creation. Or something. In short, it's an interesting look. There's so much saccharine pink on display Katie Price would approve.

Rihanna announced the impending arrival of her new perfume with the caption: "Excited to announce my newest fragrance "RiRi"... coming soon! #ThisIsRiRi"

As for the aroma, it's not powdered strawberries, but rather a more sophisticated hum. According to heatworld, it has undertones of "Madagascar, Vanilla, Warm Skin Musk and Indonesian Sandalwood" and overtones of "Japanese Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom, Exotic Jasmine, and Pink Freesia." Indeed there is a lot going on.


This will be Rihanna's seventh perfume to date. Previous incarnations include Rogue, Rogue Love, Rebelle, Reb'l Fleur, Nude, and 777 Nude. She's also had a hand producing a scent pour homme by the name of Rogue Man.

While a release date has not been announced, one can assume it will be available in plenty of time for Christmas. Will you be stuffing any festive stockings with a bottle?


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